High-speed mode (labs)

High-speed (now Turbo-mode) accelerates your tests by ignoring test artifacts for successful runs.


High-speed mode helps you run your tests 25-30% faster to get quicker feedback and complete larger test suites on time. The high-speed mode will only save test artifacts such as screenshots and logs on failed runs.

If you are a developer, you can now run sanity tests on code commits and see results faster so you can stay in context and fix bugs earlier.

QA professionals can run pre-release regression suites in significantly less time when releasing faster means every minute counts.


Labs Feature

This feature is currently only available to Professional plan customers in Labs. If you are already enabled for Labs features you will need to go to Settings > Labs and enable the toggle. If you are a Pro customer and would like to join labs, go to testim.io/labs and request to join.