Testim Copilot - accelerate with generative AI


Testim Copilot leverages generative AI to accelerate test development. Testim Copilot makes it faster and easier to automatically create custom tests for complex applications, understanding exiting test code, and debug and resolve issues.

Using a prompt directly within the Testim editor, Testim Copilot provides the ability to:

Generate: Create JavaScript-coded test steps from a text description, making it faster to get started and build custom steps without creating code from scratch

Explain: Create a readable description from any JavaScript code automatically, even if not created using Testim Copilot. Users can use this explanation to more easily leverage and modularize custom steps and create documentation

Fix: Debug tests faster by identifying code issues and automatically resolve them

Testim Copilot can be used across different types of steps, including Custom Action, Custom Validation, Custom Wait For, Network Validation, CLI Validation, Validate Download, and Custom Condition.

Learn more about Testim Copilot here.

To try out Testim Copilot, sign in, create a custom step, and click “write code with AI.”