Testim Mobile - iOS and Android App support


Testim now supports iOS and Android applications through the same intuitive UI that organizations use to test their customer-facing web applications.


Testim Mobile license required

Testim Mobile is a new, separately licensed feature set that adds iOS (Objective-C, Swift) and Android (Java, Kotlin) test automation capabilities.

Testim Mobile helps users simplify mobile test automation so they can build test coverage quickly, keep up with releases, and deliver high-quality experiences.

  • Device choice: Simplified management of iOS and Android devices and apps​
  • Fast authoring: Codeless authoring on real or virtual devices with configuration in the editor​
  • Flexibility: Add custom JavaScript steps to handle tough testing challenges​
  • Process fit: Integrates with your CI, devtools​, or device grid
  • Insights: Dashboards and reporting support scaling Agile teams​

Read more in the documentation.