TestOps Dashboard (Labs)

Quick access to the data that informs your workload. What tests failed? Which tests need to be finished, or improved? See them and recent results at a glance.



Labs feature

This feature is currently only available to Professional plan customers in Labs. If you are already enabled for Labs features you will need to go to Settings > Labs and enable the toggle. If you are a Pro customer and would like to join labs, go to and request to join.

We've introduced a new TestOps dashboard to help managers and team leads understand their project's activity including recent test results, failures with suggested cause, tests by status, changes to tests, and pull requests.

Users can also see the activities that relate to them by filtering results to "assigned to me." This new view delivers a quicker way to see and prioritize your work—what tests need to be fixed, the changes to your tests, your open pull requests, tests in quarantine, etc.