Tricentis Device Cloud integration with Testim Mobile


:mega: New Feature Announcement: Tricentis Device Cloud Integration Now Available in Testim Mobile! :iphone:

We're excited to introduce the integration of Tricentis device cloud into Testim Mobile, offering you even more robust mobile app testing capabilities.

Key Features:
:iphone: Tricentis Device Cloud: Access real mobile devices for comprehensive test executions.
:clock1: 14-Day Trial: Company/Project owners can initiate a 14-day trial seamlessly from within the app.
👥 Unified Services: Enjoy the convenience of grid services bundled within one product, backed by our exceptional support.

Testim Mobile together with TDC empowers you to:
:star2: Test various OS and device types.
:star2: Utilize dedicated and shared device licenses.
:star2: Perform functional, frontend performance, and UX testing.
:star2: Leverage AI-driven analytics with Mobile AI (130+ KPIs).
:star2: Seamlessly integrate with your DevOps process and CI/CD pipelines.

Upgrade your testing game with Testim Mobile's Tricentis device cloud integration, and take your mobile app testing to new heights! :rocket:

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