Zero-footprint authoring for the Virtual Mobile Grid


We're thrilled to announce a groundbreaking enhancement to our Virtual Mobile Grid experience — zero-footprint authoring! We understand that seamless and efficient testing is paramount to your success, and our latest feature is designed to elevate your testing workflow to unprecedented levels of simplicity and speed.

📱 Virtual Mobile Grid unleashed: run tests effortlessly!
With the recent launch of our Virtual Mobile Grid, we've empowered users to run tests on virtual devices with unparalleled flexibility. Today, we're taking it a step further by introducing zero-footprint authoring. This game-changing feature enables you to select a device from our virtual cloud and dive straight into authoring tests without the need to install anything locally or go through a complicated set-up process.

Key benefits of zero-footprint authoring:

  1. Instant access: Say goodbye to time-consuming installations and set-up processes. With zero-footprint authoring, you can access a virtual device and start authoring tests instantly.
  2. Streamlined workflow: Focus on what matters most – your testing scenarios. Our zero-footprint approach eliminates unnecessary steps, allowing you to streamline your testing workflow and achieve faster results.
  3. Device freedom: Choose from a diverse range of virtual devices in our cloud without the hassle of device-specific installations. Your testing environment is now as flexible as your project demands.

🎉 Upgrade Your Testing Experience Today!