Adding code to existing projects


TDK Feature

This is not supported in Testim's visual editor.

Adding TDK code to an existing project is rather simple and well supported.

As a separate sub-project

Since Testim tests are end-to-end and blackboxed it is preferred that you add those tests as a separate project in the same repository as your application under test. This essentially boils down to our getting started guide.

You might want to run code before/after your tests in order to start/stop your web application. You can pass Testim a configuration file with run hooks.

In the same project

If you wish - you can add TDK to an existing project. This makes sense only when the existing project is already a web project with Node.js and NPM.

You can run:

npm i @testim/testim-cli

In order to add the CLI as a dependency. Then add a sample test file to your project:

// e2e/test.js
const { it, go } = require('testim');

it('does end to end flow', async () => {
  await go('');

Then you can run the file with the Testim CLI similarly to tutorial:

$ npx testim -f ./e2e/test.js 

Note: this will prompt you for your Testim Credentials (alternatively you can pass --project and --token directly to the Testim CLI).