Advanced analytics

Learn how to quickly find and troubleshoot high-impact issues

Sometimes, a single problem in a single shared group (for example, a “login” group) will cause multiple tests to fail. The advanced analytics widget, available in the “single suite view”, allows you to quickly focus on high-impact problems thus dramatically reducing the time it takes to stabilize the suite.

Consider the following example:


In this example you can instantly see that 8 tests out of the 23 tests that were executed failed on the “Login” shared step. This means that fixing the “Login” issue will fix more than a third of the failed tests in this suite.

The widget is interactive - clicking any error group or one of the pie chart segments will filter the view to show only the tests that failed on the selected error:


For large suites that contain hundreds of tests, this view can be a substantial time-saver when trying to understand why an execution failed and how big of an impact your bugs have.