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Bug capture

Report & reproduce bugs with a click, straight from the browser to your bug tracker

What is Capture?

Capture is a bug reporting tool, letting you capture bugs straight from your browser through Testim Chrome extension. Once captured, you can easily publish the bug report to your bug tracker (currently supported: Jira, Trello, Slack and Github Issues).
All the relevant bug info will be attached automatically.

​​What kind of bugs can I capture?

Visual errors via Capture Screenshot:

Ideal when a screenshot and link to the problem are sufficient. You can also add annotations to the screenshot.
Supported annotations:

  • Arrows
  • Add text
  • Highlight area

Non-trivial but Reproducible Scenario

Ideal for those cases that require several steps to reproduce the bug.

Included with the bug report:

  • Automated test - simply run the test locally in your browser and reproduce the bug.
  • Annotated screenshot
  • Video recording of you reproducing the bug
  • Step by step screenshots of each interaction taken to reproduce the bug
  • A text description of the "steps to reproduce" of the bug, which is automatically generated.

Why use Capture?

Extremely fast and accurate bug reporting - Report bugs straight from your browser to your bug tracker with a few clicks.

  • No more worries about unreproducible bugs - Any bug you capture is accompanied with Automated Test, which means anyone of your team can reproduce the bug with a click (live) in their own browser/environment.
  • Capture writes the "Steps to reproduce" for you - Do whatever you need to detect the bug, and Capture “translates” any interaction into a textual description, automatically created in your bug tracker.

Publish bugs

  1. Click "Publish" to publish the bug.
  2. If you have not already set up the bug tracker, please follow the instructions in the setup up section below.
  3. This is the first time you publish a bug you will be given the option to select and configure the bug tracker you want to use.
  4. Once authenticated to your bug tracker, edit the bug description as you like and click "Publish".
  5. A ticket will be opened in a new tab.

Setting up Bug Tracker

Capture integrate with the following bug tracker: Jira, Trello, Slack and Github Issues

Setting the bug tracker is possible in two ways:

  • Through Testim system. Navigate to "Settings", and then to "Bug Tracker" tab.
  • The first time you capture a bug you will get pop with your bug tracker options.
  • Make sure you are logged in to your bug tracker.

Jira settings

  • Open Jira and copy the domain from the URL (make sure you are logged in)
  • Press "Done".

Trello settings

  • After choosing Trello bug tracker, click on the login link to Trello.
  • Click "Allow"
  • Done!

Slack settings

Read detailed information here.

GitHub settings

Read detailed information here.

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Bug capture

Report & reproduce bugs with a click, straight from the browser to your bug tracker

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