This is a TDK feature

This is not supported in Testim's visual editor

This method checks that an element matching the given selector exists on the page:

  • selector {string | TDKStepLocator} a CSS selector or smart locator.
  • returns: Promise that fulfills with true if the element exists on the page or false if it doesn't.

Note: This method does not wait for the element to be available on the page like other control methods.

// ✅ checks if the given elementt is available on the page
const doesExist = await exists('.some-selector');
// ✅ assertion that an element exists on the page using `chai`
const loginPresent = await exists('.login-form');

// ✅ assertion with locators
const userExists = await exists(l('user-name');

// ❌ does not actually do anything since no one looks at the result
await exists('.some-selector');
// ❌ need to pass a selector or locator in
await exists();

Full Example

'use strict';

const expect = require('chai').expect;
const { go, exists, test, waitForElement } = require('testim');

test("exists" , async () => {
    await go('http://jsbin.testim.io/quh/1');
    await waitForElement('button');
    const first = await exists('button');
    const second = await exists('my-element');