This is a TDK feature

This is not supported in Testim's visual editor

The go command navigates to a given web page in the controlled browser.

  • url {string} a URL to navigate to on the tab
  • returns: Promise which fulfills as soon as the navigation action is executed.

Example usage:

// ✅ navigate to a web page
await go('http://example.org');
// ✅ https is supported
await go('https://example.com');
// ✅ any web page accessible from the browser is fine
await go('http://localhost:8388');

// ❌ does not take an object parameter
await go({url : 'http://example.com' });
// ❌ a valid URL has to be passed
await go('example');

Note: go creates a navigation action in the Testim UI.

Note: If you have multiple tests in the same file they will share the same browser instance

Full test example:

'use strict';

const expect = require('chai').expect;
const { go, click, test, text } = require('testim');

describe('navigation', () => {
    test('navigating to a URL', async () => {
        await go('http://example.com');