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Hello World - Record your first test

Learn how to create your very first test!

Click here to run a demo test of this example.
##Basic Calculator Test

  • Go to www.google.com in the browser.
  • Start a new test: Open Testim Extension menu and choose: "Create Automated Test".

Testim Editor will be opened in a new window and will record any action you do on the site.

Note: if you'll go back to the editor, you'll see that a setup step was created comprising navigation instruction to the Google Home page for the Chrome browser:

  • As long as the recording button (the red circle) is turned on, any interaction you'll make in the recorded app will be added as a step to the test.
  • In the Chrome (Recorded app):
    search for "calculator"
    Perform the following calculation
* Click ‘1’
 * Click ‘+’
 * Click ‘1’
 * Click ‘=’
  • Your application and the Test Editor should now look:

Add simple validation

  • As you can see, each click was recorded in the test and is represented by a step.
  • Use ‘+’ menu to the right of the last step ⇒ Validations tab ⇒ ‘Validate Element Text
  • In your application tab, select the result ("2").

A new (text) validation step should be added to the Test Editor.

  • Stop recording by clicking on the pause button
  • Save the test
  • Now run the test by clicking 'Play' or Pressing F8. The test should be completed successfully.

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Hello World - Record your first test

Learn how to create your very first test!

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