TDK Feature

This is not supported in Testim's visual editor.

Testim supports running your tests in parallel. We provide file-based parallelism so everything JavaScript (like closures) will work.

This means that if you have many tests you are expected to place them in multiple files.

Running tests in parallel with Testim is very easy. All you need to do is add the --parallel <parallel-count> flag to the Testim CLI.

For example, running tests 10 at a time:

testim -f tests/*.js --parallel 10 

Or on your CI:

$ testim -f ./tests/*.js --grid testim-grid --parallel 10

Note: that running in parallel requires that your tested application as well as your grid can handle the additional load of running in parallel.

Note: Parallelism of over 8196 currently noes not work very well. If you need to run at 8196 or higher parallelism please contact us in order to add the configuration involved into your tests.