Progressive Web Apps and Testim


TDK Feature

This is not supported in Testim's visual editor.

At Testim - we are believers in the progressive web and progressive web apps. We love the idea of the web delivering native-like experience which is why we support things like:

  • File upload and file download.
  • Built in mobile web testing.
  • Support for complex user interactions.

Integrating Testim into a PWA

The nice thing about PWAs is that they are just that - web apps. Testim works out of the box with progressive web apps.

You can initialize Testim like you would for any other project. You would follow the instructions shown in getting started and create a new project.

Integrating TDK into mobile apps

Native app testing is currently only supported in code-less mode of Testim. Please contact us with any questions about Testim Codeless and mobile apps.