Recording Tests

Creating a test with Testim starts with going to the relevant webpage/application and recording the user journey that you would like to base your test on. Later you will be able to edit the properties for each of the steps and add validations.


Even if you are using the TDK to create coded tests, we still recommend first recording the basic test steps and then exporting it to code. This greatly expedites the process of creating your tests and enables you to leverage Testim’s built in AI features.


Tests are created within a particular Project folder. When you create a new test, it is automatically included in whichever project is currently open.

When you record the test, Testim converts each action into a test step which is shown on the Testim Visual Editor screen. The test can now be run as is, simply verifying that the same series of actions can be repeated effectively. You can also use the Visual Editor to take the following actions to finalize your test:

What’s Next

Now, let's see how to record a test in Testim.