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Testim Root Cause overview

Testim Root Cause

Modern automation frameworks like Puppeteer, Playwright, and Selenium are pretty fast and useful, but maintaining and debugging tests can be sometimes difficult.

Root Cause is an open-source project to help Puppeteer and Playwright users troubleshoot tests easier. Root Cause captures screenshots at each test step, a well as network and console logs. These test artifacts can be stored locally or online with Testim's Root Cause cloud service.

The tests results are viewable in the Root Cause UI providing easy visualization of the test flow, and where the test failed with network logs and parsed console logs to provide deep-dive details.

Deployment options

Root Cause is an open-source project maintained on GitHub (www.github.com/testimio/root-cause). The Root Cause OSS includes:

  • Unlimited runs
  • Unlimited parallelizations
  • Unlimited users
  • Store screenshots locally
  • Support through documentation and the Testim Community

Root Cause cloud is an online service offered by Testim.
The Root Cause cloud includes:

  • Everything in Root Cause OSS
  • Substantial free usage tier
  • Store and access results online
  • Access test list and test run history online
  • Share test results with team members to debug CI runs
  • Tag failed runs and view historical trends
  • Additional email support
  • Reporting

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Testim Root Cause overview

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