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Testim Root Cause Overview

Modern automation frameworks like Puppeteer and Playwright are fast and useful, but when something goes wrong, finding the root cause of the problem can be very difficult.

Root Cause is an open-source project that helps Puppeteer and Playwright users quickly troubleshoot their tests, by offering comprehensive information about issues and the ability to visualize each step throughout the test.

Root CauseRoot Cause

When the test is run, Root Cause will automatically capture screenshots, network HAR files, and console logs. These test artifacts can be stored locally (see Root Cause OSS Local) or online (see Root Cause Cloud).

Root Cause OSS Local

Root Cause OSS Local is an open-source project, which is maintained on GitHub www.github.com/testimio/root-cause.

What does it do

  • Displays a complete timeline of everything that happened during a test run.
  • Displays screenshots of all user-like actions on the page.
  • Offers highlights of elements and interactions on the page.
  • Console logs for each automated interaction on the page.
  • Network logs for each automated interaction on the page.
  • Traces by linking the above to the actual JavaScript code that ran.
  • Intuitive UI to explore all the above.

Root Cause Cloud

Root Cause Cloud is a SaaS-based service where you can store and share your Puppeteer and Playwright test results online for better collaboration. Root Cause Cloud offers all the features that are available in the Root Cause OSS Local version, but instead of storing the screenshots and log data locally, they are stored, accessed and shared online. In addition, Root Cause Cloud offers access to test lists, test run history, aggregated statistics, historical trends, and much more.

What does it do

  • Everything in Root Cause OSS
  • Substantial free usage tier.
  • Store and access results online.
  • Share results directly with a link from the CI.
  • Access test list and test run history online.
  • Share test results with team members to debug CI runs.
  • Tag failed runs and view historical trends.
  • Additional email support.
  • Reporting.

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Testim Root Cause Overview

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