Root Cause Configuration File (.root-causerc)

Some of Root Cause features can be turned on or off using config file, or for example you can configure the screenshots to be taken as png and not jpg images, or control the quality of the jpg files.

The configuration is maintained in an "rc-style" config file, which means that it needs to be in your working directory, or above it.

The name of the config file should start with `.root-causerc,
while the file type can be js, json, yml and even more formats.
(we use cosmiconfig to load the config file, so the format is flexible)

To see all the possible settings, see these TypeScript interfaces

Example of a config file that overrides some of the defaults:

    "features": {
        "screenshots": {
            "format": "png",
            "fullPage": true
        "networkLogs": true,
        "jestAssertions": true,
        "console": false