Test run network activity (HAR)

Network activity data (HAR File) can be used to debug failed test runs and better understand the test results. Each test run includes the network activity data that can be downloaded or viewed and analyzed on the Testim Automate UI.

Accessing the test run network activity

To view the test run network activity:

  1. Go to Runs ⇒ Test Runs.
  2. Scroll down to view the list of test runs. Only remote runs will be listed.
  3. Click the test name of the relevant test run to view the test.
  4. Click the HAR button.



This is only supported on Chrome browsers
The HAR file will not include the response body, due to privacy and security reasons
To create and download a full HAR, please use the mock networks

Downloading the HAR File

To download the HAR file:

  1. From the test screen, click the HAR button.
    The Network Activity screen is displayed.
  2. Click the Download button and save the file.
  1. It is recommended to upload the file to the dev tools, further debugging and analysis.

Viewing the network activity

The Network activity screen displays the network traffic. You can filter the network traffic by using the following filter tools:

  • Filter based on filename - enter a complete or partial file name into the Filter field.
  • Filter based on the request type - select on of the lister request types (e.g. XHR, JS, CSS, etc.)
  • Error only filter - select the Error Only checkbox to see only requests that were responded with an error.

The network activity entries include the following information:

  • File - the URL of the request
  • Status - the HTTP response code
  • Request method - the HTTP request method
  • Request domain
  • Request type
  • Size - the response size
  • Time - the time it took to get the response
  • Waterfall - a graphical representation of the different stages of the request. Hover over a Waterfall to see a breakdown.

The summary pane at the bottom contains:

  • Total number of requests
  • Total download size of requests
  • Total size of resources loaded