Salesforce Testing

Testim delivers fast authoring and AI-powered stability that makes it ideal for dynamic applications like Salesforce. It's why we built Tricentis Test Automation for Salesforce on top of the Testim platform.

Tricentis Test Automation for Salesforce is a new product that leverages the features and platform of Testim and adds specific features to greatly simplify Salesforce test authoring and enhance test stability.


Tricentis Test Automation for Salesforce

TTA for Salesforce was designed to handle Salesforce's dynamic nature. By using AI-powered smart locators, enhanced with Salesforce metadata, TTAfSFDC builds a deep understanding of the Salesforce application and automatically handles any changes.

TTAfSFDC also discovers your Salesforce configurations and creates Salesforce objects like Leads, Contacts, and Opportunities that are easily added to tests and configured for easier test case authoring that doesn't require coding.

It recognizes and switches between tabs and frames, automatically creates locators, pierces the Shadow DOM, simplifies custom object handling, and uses group in-context looping to speed authoring and minimize maintenance.