type(selector, textValue)


This is a TDK feature

This is not supported in Testim's visual editor

This method is used to set an element's text content. If the element already has text content it overrides it.

  • selector {string | TDKStepLocator} a CSS selector or smart locator for the element
  • textValue {string} the value we want to type into the control
  • returns: Promise that fulfills when the action is complete.

For example:

// ✅ type an email in an email type input
await type('input[type=email]', '[email protected]');
// ✅ set an element's text in a smart locator
await type(l('username'), 'benji');
// ✅ type into a rich text editor form
await type('.my-contenteditable', 'Lorem Ipsum Dolor');

// ❌ the text to type must be passed
await type('.my-contenteditable');
// ❌ The method takes two parameters and not an object
await type({selector: '.my-contenteditable', text: 'Lorem'});

Full example

'use strict';

const expect = require('chai').expect;
const { go, type, test, text } = require('testim');

test("type", async () => {
    await go('http://jsbin.testim.io/zut/1');
    const textToCheck = "Codim Self Test";
    await type('input[type=text]', textToCheck);
    const elementText = await text('#typedContent');