Vue with Testim


TDK Feature

This is not supported in Testim's visual editor.


Well to be honest when we started writing this doc we thought there would be special considerations about using Testim with Vue.

However since Vue is so simple - Testim works with it out of the box.

Whether you are using the Vue CLI, a script tag, or any other Vue deployment - TDK will work just fine with Vue. You would follow the instructions shown in Getting Started and create a new project.

Integrating with your project's Webpack configuration

Sometimes it is beneficial to share code between your frontend project and test project. This is fully supported and TDK can run and read your webpack configuration files.

This has the advantage of letting you share code between the test project and main project which has positive consequences (less code) but also negative ones (you are no longer writing blackbox tests).

In your initialized TDK code can require/import Vue code if you do the following things:

  • TDK accepts a webpack config with the --webpack-config option.
  • See the generated webpack.config.js in the project root for example. You can import your project's webpack configuruation file or use it.