When not to use the Testim Dev Kit?

There are plenty of reasons to use Testim to create coded tests, but there are also specific cases we don't support. There are certain things we do not do well yet or may never do at all.

Testim is only for web apps

This means that things like React Native apps or native Windows apps are not supported in with the Testim Dev Kit.

Testim Dev Kit requires writing JavaScript

Testim Dev Kit is a resource for developers and automation engineers to build tests in code and it builds on modern web tooling, standards, and idioms. Testim also offers a codeless recorder and visual editor which can be used without advanced JavaScript skills.

Testim requires modern development practices

While we offer features like "automatic test scheduling" in our codeless editor, the Dev Kit is geared towards organizations that are pushing more of their development practices into code. These organizations collaborate around distributed source code version control, automate builds with Continuous Integration (CI), etc.

If you are using git and a continuous integration server you should be fine. If you are using another source control system that should also be no problem.

We do not store your git credentials due to security concerns.

Incredibly complicated websites

We do support some pretty complicated tasks like canvas drag and drop paths, most rich text editors, and a lot of open-source stuff but if you wrote your own content-editable rich text editor implementation - expect to write custom code in your app in order to use it with the Testim Dev Kit.

You can make it work, but recording code and Smart Locators may struggle in those cases.

Testim only works for modern browsers

While we support IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge as well as other Chromium-based browsers. Testim does not and will not support old versions of IE.

So for example, if you need to support IE9 - we warmly recommend "plain" Selenium.