Why not Puppeteer?

Puppeteer is a library by Google that lets you automate Chrome on top of the debugger protocol.

Puppeteer is pretty great—we use the same facilities (like the debugger protocol) as building blocks for Testim. We are thankful for the Puppeteer team for building such an awesome tool.

Puppeteer is not cross-browser

While there are plans to support multiple browsers in Puppeteer, websites need to be tested on all modern browsers and not just Google Chrome.

Puppeteer is not Testing oriented

Puppeteer is a great automation framework. If you want to generate a screenshot of your website for a scraper, Puppeteer should be your go-to tool.

However, if you write many assertions in your code, you will need to include many libraries and tools just to write good tests.

No grids

Puppeteer does not play by the same rules as grids making stable grid management is a big challenge. This might and hopefully will change in the future.