New integrations and configurations for Testim Mobile


We have some exciting new features to share for Testim Mobile.

  1. BrowserStack and SauceLabs Mobile Integrations:
    We are thrilled to announce official support for running tests on BrowserStack and SauceLabs! Now you can seamlessly execute your tests on these platforms.

  1. Mobile Configuration:
    Say goodbye to executing tests on the grid using CLI flags. We have introduced a new feature that enables users to create customized mobile configurations. You can now define specific system and device requirements for running your tests. For more information, please refer to our documentation.

  1. Default Mobile Configuration:
    Every new test created will now have a default configuration. This empowers you to have better control over the test's timeouts and hooks, ensuring a smoother testing experience.

Next steps:
We are working hard on enhancing mobile configuration capabilities. In the near future, we will introduce the ability for users to:

  1. Specify different Appium/Device capabilities within the configuration
  2. Run on virtual devices

Stay tuned for updates! :rocket:.