Saucelabs integration

Run tests you create with Testim on Saucelabs browsers and mobile devices

This article will review how to set your Saucelabs on Testim and how to run your tests.

How to add a Saucelabs grid

To add a Saucelabs Grid:

  1. Follow the instructions in the Adding a grid section, while selecting the Saucelabs option as the Grid Type.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Update the following fields:
  • Name: The grid name to use at run time.
  • Saucelabs User: Saucelabs key to connect. 
  • Saucelabs key: Saucelabs key to connect. 
  • Host: Saucelabs host name. 
  • Port: Saucelabs port

How to run on the grid

You can run your tests remotely using one of the following methods:


Add --grid parameter with the grid name. 


Use Grid field to choose on which grid to run your tests. 

Test Plan

Use Grid field to choose on which grid to run your tests. 

From the Editor (Web Only)

You can run your test on the grid directly from the test editor. 

  • Click on the options arrow next to the "Run" button
  • Click on "Run on a grid".

To change the configuration/grid/base url for that run click on "Edit". 

To pass more options to the test run , see the Saucelabs & BrowserStack Options.


  1. Grid parameter replaces the old host and port parameters. 
  2. Saucelabs doesn't support Linux, please check you test configuration before running.