Testim overview

Testim is the fastest way to resilient end-to-end tests, your way—in code, codeless, or both.

At Testim, we too are developers and testers, striving to release quality software faster. We built Testim because writing stable end-to-end tests was just too hard. We were the first to build an AI-based functional test automation solution. Since we launched in late 2014, we've been adding features, improving quality, and evolving our solution with customers every day. To read more about our product features, pricing, or even some of our latest blogs, check out Testim.io.

Testim offers the following products:

  • Testim Automate – Testim Automate is a full-featured test automation platform enabling fast authoring of stable tests. For more info, see Testim Automate Overview.
  • Testim for Salesforce – Testim for Salesforce is a version of Testim Automate that enables fast test authoring for Salesforce applications. It brings the fast authoring and AI-powered stability that makes Testim ideal for dynamic applications along with new capabilities to help Salesforce QA teams simplify testing of common use cases.



See what's new with Testim. We publish a running list of new features on the Testim changelog.