Testim overview

Testim is the fastest way to resilient end-to-end tests, your way—in code, codeless, or both.

At Testim, we too are developers and testers, striving to release quality software faster. We built Testim because writing stable end-to-end tests was just too hard. We were the first to build an AI-based functional test automation solution. Since we launched in late 2014, we've been adding features, improving quality, and evolving our solution with customers every day. To read more about our product features or our latest blogs, check out Testim.io.


To learn about pricing and subscription plans, see https://www.testim.io/pricing/. Contact your account executive for queries related to recent invoices or billing details if you are a paying customer.

Testim is a full-featured test automation platform enabling fast authoring of stable tests and TestOps tools to help teams scale testing efficiently. Testim serves three primary use cases:

  • Helping Agile development teams test their customer-facing mobile and web applications fast and efficiently. Testim is easy to use, enabling broad participation in testing. It's also highly flexible, so advanced users can solve tough testing problems with JavaScript code insertions that can be easily reused and shared across tests. For more info, see Web and Mobile Testing.
  • Salesforce testing – Testim's fast authoring and AI-powered stability make it ideal for dynamic applications like Salesforce. If your team is building a customer-facing application that integrates with Salesforce, Testim is a great choice to test those end-to-end workflows. For more info, see Salesforce Testing
  • Mobile app testing - Testim helps simplify device and application management so that mobile applications are more easily tested. Users can quickly create low-code tests using the same features and Testim experience. For more info see Creating your first mobile test.



See what's new with Testim. We publish a running list of new features on the Testim changelog.