Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts for quicker and easier test authoring

Testim has a set of shortcuts you can use to speed up your test authoring. Using these shortcuts will allow you to add various validations during test recording without having to switch back to the Testim editor.

Action Name



Add Hover Step

Alt + H

Option + H

Validate element text

Alt + V

Option + V

Validate element visible

Alt + L

Option + L

Add custom validations and actions

Alt + J

Option + J

Add new group

Alt + G

Option + G

Save test

Ctrl + S

Cmd + S

Create new test

Alt + N

Option + N

Validate Element Visualization

Alt + E

Option + E

Validate Viewport Visualization

Alt + P

Option + P

Validate Full-page Visualization

Alt + D

Option + D

Select all (in lists)

Ctrl + A

Cmd + A

Toggle breakpoint

Ctrl + B

Cmd + B

Copy Step

Ctrl + C

Cmd + C

Paste Step

Ctrl + V

Cmd + V

Add extract value step

Alt + X

Option + X

Wait For Element Visible

Alt + M

Option + M

Wait for element text

Alt + T

Option + T