Steps, along with Groups are the fundamental components of a test. Steps can perform a variety of actions and validations to meet almost any testing requirement. Each step features specific properties, which are visible in the step’s property panel. Some steps can be shared individually as shared steps, while other steps require grouping with additional steps for sharing.

Steps can be added in two ways:

  • Manual steps - the steps are added manually by the user, by hovering the mouse over the arrow symbol and selecting the relevant step from the Predefined Steps list. Alternatively it is possible to add steps manually by using one of the Keyboard shortcuts either from the visual editor or from the AUT browser.
  • Automatically recorded steps - the steps are added automatically during the recording of a test as the user interacts with the application under test.

Manual Steps

Validation Steps

Validation StepsDocumentation
Add custom validationAdd custom validations and actions
Add CLI validationAdding a CLI step
Validate downloadAdding a Validate download validation step
Validate emailValidate email
Validate element visibleValidate element visible
Validate element not visibleValidate element not visible
Validate element textValidate element text
Validate CSS propertyValidate CSS property
Validate HTML attributeValidate HTML attribute
Validate checkboxValidate checkbox/radio button
Validate radio buttonValidate checkbox/radio button
Validate APIAPI Validation
Validate element visualizationAdding a Validate element visualization step
Validate viewport visualizationAdding a Validate viewport visualization or Validate full-page visualization step
Validate full-page visualizationAdding a Validate viewport visualization or Validate full-page visualization step
Validate page accessibilityPage Accessibility Validation
Validate element accessibilityElement Accessibility Validation
Add network validationAdd network validation

Wait For Steps

Wait For StepsDocumentation
Add custom wait forCustom Wait for
Add CLI wait forAdding a CLI step
Wait for element visibleWait for element visible
Wait for element not visibleWait for element not visible
Wait for element textWait for element text
Wait for downloadWait for Download
Wait for element visualizationAdding a Wait for element visualization step

Action Steps

Action StepsDocumentation
Add hover actionHover step
Add extract value stepExtract value step
Generate email addressGenerating a temporary email address
Set CookieSetting Cookies
Get CookieGetting Cookies
Add navigation actionNavigation
Add custom actionAdd custom validations and actions
Add CLI actionAdding a CLI step
Add API actionAPI Action
RefreshRefresh page
Generate random valueGenerating a random value
Generate dateGenerating a Date

Automatically Recorded Steps

Step NameDescription
Clickupon mouse click
Double clickupon double mouse click
Right clickupon right mouse click
Scroll (to element/on page)upon scroll activity (See Scroll Step)
Set textupon setting text to a field
File upload / File dropupon file section or file drop in frame (See File upload step validation)
Press (Key press)upon keyboard key press (Enter, Tab, ESC, Page Up, Page Down etc.)
Download validationwhen a file is downloaded during recording. Also, can be added manually (See Validate download)
Drag & Dropupon dragging and dropping artifacts in AUT (See Drag & Drop Step)