Extended run parameters for Saucelabs & BrowserStack

How to send extended run parameters to Saucelabs and Browserstack

Using the option file you can send more configuration parameters to Saucelabs and Browserstack.

For example, if you are looking to run a test on a specific browser version and timezone :

  1. Create a json file with the following:
       "screenResolution": "2560x1600" ,
       "timeZone": "New_York"
  1. In the CLI, add  :  --sauce-options  ".json"


Add to your CLI:  --sauce-options  "config_saucelabs.json"

Example to the file:

  "browserName": "Chrome",
  "browserVersion": "latest",
  "platformName": "Windows 10",
  "sauce:options": {
      "screenResolution": "1920x1080",
      "extendedDebugging": true

Sauce lab options for params: https://wiki.saucelabs.com/display/DOCS/Test+Configuration+Options


Add to your CLI:  --browserstack-options "config_browserstack.json"
All supported override parameters

    "project": "my project",
    "build": "build 4.5",
    "browserstack.debug": false,
    "browserstack.console": "info",
    "browserstack.networkLogs": true,
    "browserstack.video": false,
    "browserstack.timezone": "New_York",
    "browserstack.selenium_version": "3.5.2",
    "browser_version": 61,
    "resolution" : "2048x1536"

BrowserStack options for params: