Navigation Step

Learn how to add navigation step when testing your app

You can add a step to your test to navigate to another page. If you don't want the navigation to override the existing tab, it is possible to select the Open URL in a new tab option.

To add a navigation step to your test:

  1. Navigate to Test List > Tests and open your test.
  2. Hover the arrow in between existing steps or the + button after the last step.
  1. Select the Testim Predefined Steps button.
  1. Search for Add Navigation Action in the quick search or expand the Actions section and select Add navigation action.
  1. Insert the URL of the page you would like the test to navigate to at this step.
  1. If you want the navigation to open a new tab, select the Open URL in a new tab checkbox.
    The new navigation step is added to your test at the location you selected.