Learn how to add labels to your tests

You can easily add multiple labels to each test from the test list - select a test or a number of tests, click the labels icon, and select a label (or create a new one):

Labels are great for two main purpose:
First, for organizing your tests list, and easily find them later by filter the list according to it:

Second, is for creating different test suites you can run in different use cases in your Continuous Integration/Delivery process.

For example, a "sanity" label to tag tests that will run on each code-change, "nightly" label to tag tests that will run in your integration/staging environment after each deploy, and "monitor" label to tag tests that will run each 15 minutes to make sure your production application is working properly.

When running the CLI, you can select which label to run using the --label parameter:

testim --label "<YOUR LABEL>" --token "<YOUR ACCESS TOKEN>" --project "<YOUR PROJECT ID>" --grid "<Your grid name>" --report-file test-results/testim-tests-report.xml

Note: For the grid name, read here how to set up your grid.