Hidden parameters

Learn how to hide parameters values

When you use parameters in your tests, the values that are used during run time are saved and shown in the UI, as this is very useful for debugging and understanding the root cause of the failure. However, sometimes the information is sensitive, so you want the value to be hidden. Testim features the ability to define which parameters will be hidden. The hidden parameters will not be saved in Testim's Cloud at any point, so the "Rerun with same parameters" feature will not be available.


This is a pro feature

This feature is only open to projects on our professional plan. To learn more about our professional plan, click here.

Adding hidden parameters

To add a hidden parameter:

  1. In the main menu, click Settings.
  2. Under the Hidden Parameters section, click Add hidden params.
  3. Type the name of a parameter that you want to add and press SPACE.
  4. Repeat step 3 to add multiple parameters.
  5. When finished click Update.


The hidden parameters list is case sensitive.

Running a test with hidden parameters

Running a test that is using a hidden parameter is available only via CLI. It is not possible to use the Scheduler to run tests with hidden parameters.
You can pass a hidden parameter value to a CLI run by using one of the following options:

  • Pass it through a JSON Parameters File - You can define parameters in a JSON Parameters File and then pass the hidden parameters to test runs. For more information, see JSON Parameters File Parameters.
  • Pass it through the Configuration File - You can define parameters in a Configuration File and then pass the hidden parameters to test runs. For more information, see Configuration File Parameters.

Hidden parameters in a test

The Hidden parameters values will appear as * in the UI: