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Hidden parameters

Learn how to hide parameters values

When you use parameters in your tests, the values that are used during run time are saved and shown in the UI, as this is very useful for debugging and understanding the root cause of the failure. However, sometimes the information is sensitive hence you want the value to be hidden.

Define and modify hidden parameters

  1. Navigate to "Project Settings".
  2. Hover over the hidden parameters list and click the edit icon.
  3. Type the name of a parameter.
  4. Type space or comma to add another parameter.

Note: Hidden Parameters list is case sensitive

Hidden parameters in tests

The Hidden parameters values will appear as * in the UI:


  1. The hidden parameters will not be saved in Testim's Cloud at any point, thus, the "Rerun with same parameters" feature can't be used.
  2. The non-hidden parameters, and the global variables (which can't be hidden) are saved in an encrypted DB and is accessed only via secured (SSL) connections.

Updated 7 months ago

Hidden parameters

Learn how to hide parameters values

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