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Editing Tests

Learn how to edit an existing test - Add new steps, copy & paste, delete steps and modify steps.

Add New Steps

  • You can add new steps to an existing test by recording additional steps:

Record between steps:
You can record to a specific location (between steps) by clicking "+", and then "Record Action Here":

Copy & Paste steps

Any step or group can be copied and pasted (you can also copy & paste to other tests)

Paste between steps:

The copied steps are added to where you are currently recording (which is where the red circle in your test). By default they'll be added at the end of your test.
To paste between steps, you'll need to change the recording location:

  • Click on the "+" button between the steps you'd like to copy.
  • Click "Paste copied steps"

The copied steps will be pasted in the location of the "Recording" icon.

Delete steps

  • Select one step or more
  • Type "Backspace" or click the "Delete" icon in the top bar.
  • You can also select multiple steps by dragging your mouse on the relevant area.

Modifying the Test Using the Properties Panel

  • Click on the 'Click “1”’ step and open the Properties button on the right.
  • You should now see the properties of this specific step:

Let’s review these properties:

Description - the title of this step. The system usually infers the correct label automatically.
Target Element - the element to be clicked. In our case, the ‘1’ button is our target. There is a thumbnail of it in the Properties panel:
Tip - be sure to give your steps informative names to make your tests are more comprehensible.

Modifying the target Element:

  • Highlight - visibly marks the target in the browser:

Button “1” highlighted

  • Reassign - choose a different target.Let’s see how it is used:

Note: If you get the message "No app to choose an element from" this means that you must first run the test so you can select a component from within your application.

Click on the Text Validation step then click Properties. Change the Expected Value to ‘3’:

Run the test and see that it is successful.

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Editing Tests

Learn how to edit an existing test - Add new steps, copy & paste, delete steps and modify steps.

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