Extract SMS message

Learn how to extract SMS message using the CLI action step and Twilio.

You can use the CLI action step in conjunction with Twilio to perform advanced validations of SMS messages receive time and content.

Example code:

// Your Account Sid and Auth Token from twilio.com/console
const accountSid = "XXXXX";
const authToken = "XXXXX";
const fromNumber = "XXXXX";
const toNumber = "XXXXXX";
const checkPeriodInMin = 5;

const dateSentAfter = moment().subtract(checkPeriodInMin, "minutes");
console.debug("dateSentAfter", dateSentAfter);

const client = twilio(accountSid, authToken);

return client.messages
        to: toNumber,
        from: fromNumber,
        dateSentAfter: dateSentAfter.format('YYYY-MM-DD')
    .then(messages => {
        const relevantMessages = messages.filter(msg => dateSentAfter.isBefore(msg.dateSent));
        if (relevantMessages.length === 0) {
            return Promise.reject(new Error("Failed to find any message"));
        if (relevantMessages.length > 1) {
            console.warn(`find more than one messages ${relevantMessages.length} took the first message`);
        const firstMessages = relevantMessages[0];
        const message = firstMessages.body;
        exports.code = message.replace("Verification Code: ", "");

Parameters - Packages and JavaScript used in this example:

1.name: twilio, type: Package, value: [email protected]
2.name: _, type: Package, value: moment@latest

see screenshot: