Grid management

Configure your grid to run tests remotely (inc. Sauce labs, Browserstack, HeadSpin and others.)

To run web tests remotely, you will need a Selenium grid and to run a mobile test, you will need HeadSpin.

Web Testing Grids

The following grids can be used for web testing:

  • Testim cloud grid - Testim can provide you with a private grid. If you don't already have it, contact us to find out which option fits you.
  • Local grids - If you have a selenium grid, we can integrate with it.
  • Third party grid - Testim can integrate with third party grids like Saucelabs and Browserstack.

Mobile Testing Grids

Mobile tests can be run remotely using a HeadSpin grid. You will need a HeadSpin account.

Adding a grid

To add a new grid:

  1. In Testim, on the top right-hand of the screen, click the round circle with the User Name initials.
  2. Under Company, click on the relevant company name.
  3. Click the Grids tab.
  4. Click "+" in the top right corner of the screen.
  5. Choose a grid type: For web Custom Grid, Saucelabs, Browserstack, or Testim HeadSpin Mobile.
  6. Update the relevant fields (below you'll find details about the different options).
  7. Click Add.
    To edit / delete a grid, hover the grid setup box and click the desired option.


If your plan includes a Testim grid, your configuration should appear automatically. If it does not, please contact our support.


Grid configurations

The following articles provide more details on how to configure the various grids:

  • Name: The grid name to use at run time.
  • Host: The selenium grid host name (domain) or IP to use.
  • Port: The selenium grid port.
    Note: Even when running locally, Testim needs to connect to your browser to show and save test results. Please make sure your network can access

Saucelabs/Browserstack grid

Use this option if you are running on Saucelabs/Browserstack grids.

  • Name: The grid name to use at run time.
  • Saucelabs/Browserstack user: Saucelabs/Browserstack user to connect.
  • Saucelabs/Browserstack key: Saucelabs/Browserstack key to connect.
  • Host: Saucelabs/Browserstack host name.
  • Port: Saucelabs/Browserstack port.

How to run on the grid

You can run your tests remotely using one of the following methods:

Add --grid parameter with the grid name.

Use Grid field to choose on which grid to run your tests.

Test Plan
Use Grid field to choose on which grid to run your tests.

From the editor

You can run your test on the grid directly from the test editor.

  • Click on the options arrow next to the "Run" button
  • Click on "Run on a grid".
    To change the configuration/grid/base url for that run click on "Edit".

Note: Grid parameter replaces the old host and port parameters.