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Welcome to the Testim documentation. You'll find comprehensive guides to help you get started quickly, example code snippets, and tips for being more productive. You will also find details about advanced features that allow you to customize Testim to fit your environment or special testing conditions. Don't worry, we'll support you if you get stuck. Let's jump right in!

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Schedule your tests and monitor your application

Easily schedule tests to run on a nightly build or monitor your production app.
Set a notification when the run fails.

Create a new scheduled test run

  1. Go to your Runs List, and then navigate to "Scheduled runs" tab.
  2. Click "Let's Schedule" to create your first scheduled test run.
  1. Edit your scheduled test run:
  • Name and description
  • Test list - Tests to be run. You can choose labels or/and suites.
  • Where to run - The grid you would like to execute your tests on. Read here how to configure your grid.
  1. Schedule the run:
  • Monitor - Will run the tests on a set interval. Use this option to monitor the health of your application and alert when your service is down.
  • Nightly run - Schedule the tests to run on certain days of the week and the time of day. Use this option to automatically trigger test runs such as nightly regression.
  1. Set configuration - set which browsers, operating systems, and resolutions to run your tests on. Choose from your list of configurations or set a new one.

  2. Base URL - set the start URL of your web application (e.g. production or staging environment).

  3. Notify on error (Send notification on every failure) - Add emails separated by a comma for getting notifications when a run fails.

  4. Save your schedule by choosing "OK".

As you can see, a new scheduled test run has been created, and was automatically turned on:

Advanced scheduler options

For advanced scheduler options such as executing tests in parallel or on a specific branch, adding result labels or extending the test timeout, click on the "Advanced" option:

Modify your scheduled test suites

Activate or Pause

Toggle to pause or re-activate the scheduled test suites.


Click anywhere of the scheduled test suite to re-edit it.

Seeing your scheduled test suites results

As all other tests - navigate to the "Runs" tab in the sidebar and open the scheduled test run.

Abort a scheduled run

While the suite is running you are able to stop the run. Navigate to "Runs" ⇒ "Suite Runs" ⇒ Select the test that is runing ⇒ Click "ABORT SCHEDULED RUN"

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Schedule your tests and monitor your application

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