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Result labels

Learn how to add labels to your run results

"Result Labels" allows you to add textual labels to your remote runs.
On the "Suite Runs" and "Test Runs" pages, you can easily filter your runs by choosing a result label.

Result labels can be used for a variety of options, such as:

  • Which application environment was tested.
  • Which application version was tested.
  • Which user executed the run.
  • Is it a CI/CD system run.

Some examples: “nightly-scheduler”, “v1.42.34”, “Jenkins”, "Troubleshooting", "Staging".

Adding result labels

To add a label to the run, use the following parameter in your CLI:

--result-label "nightly Jenkins run"

Read more about running CLI here.


  • You can add as many result labels to a CLI command as needed:
--result-label "nightly Jenkins run" --result-label "v1.42.35"
  • A result label can't exceed 250 characters

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Result labels

Learn how to add labels to your run results

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