Applitools integration

How to integrate with Applitools to enable AI-Powered Visual Testing.

In order to use Testim’s visual validation and wait-for steps, you first need to integrate your Testim account with the Applitools Eyes app provided by Applitools.


This is a pro feature

This feature is only open to projects on our professional plan. To learn more about our professional plan, click here.


  • This is a pro feature only open to projects on our professional plan. To learn more about our professional plan, click here.
  • You need to have admin privileges both in Applitools Eyes and in Testim.

Setting up Applitools integration

You will need to exchange information between your Applitools Eyes account and your Testim account, so it is recommended to keep both consoles open in parallel.

Step 1: Create an API key in Applitools Eyes

To create an API key in Applitools Eyes:

  1. Log in to the Applitools Eyes console using an admin account.
  2. On the Applitools Eyes home page, click on the main menu in the top right.

The menu options are shown.

  1. Click on Admin.
    The Admin panel opens.

  1. Click on API keys.
    The API keys screen opens.

  1. Click the Add a new API key button.

The Add API key options are shown.

  1. Enter the options as follows:
    • In the Team field choose a team from the dropdown list.
    • In the User field, choose the appropriate user.
    • In the Permissions section, toggle the Execute and Merge switches to the right.
    • In the Expiry field, optionally enter an expiration date for the API.
    • In the Purpose field, optionally enter the purpose of this API.
  2. Click the Add button.
    The key is created and shown on your API keys screen.

  1. Copy this key for use below.

Step 2: Configure Applitools settings in Testim

  1. Log in to Testim using an admin account.
  2. In Testim, in the left menu click on the Settings icon.

The Settings page opens.

  1. Click the Integration tab.

The Integrations tab opens.

  1. In the Applitools section, click login.

The Applitools integration configuration options are shown.

  1. In the Cloud URL field, enter the Applitools application base URL (e.g.
  2. In the Run Key and Merge Key fields, enter the key you previously created in Applitools.
  3. In the App Name field, optionally enter a name for the app.
    The default app name is the Project ID.
  4. Click Connect.
    A success icon is shown, and Applitools is integrated with Testim. You can now start using the visual validation and wait-for steps. See Visual Validation.


You may need to log out of Testim and log back in in order to activate the visual validation steps.