Stop, pause & debug tests

Testim works like an advanced media player - you can record, play, pause or stop your test and a lot more

You don't have to wait until your test is played to its end. In order to debug better you can:

  • Pause at certain problematic/interesting points and take a closer look.
  • Decide when to move from step to step (by playing only one step each time)

Let's see how it's done:
Open an existing step or create a new one. Begin navigating to random pages and clicking on even more random UI elements. When you have enough steps (5-6 steps will do) go back to the Test Editor.

Stop test recording

To stop app recording, just toggle the record button:
If the record icon is red it's indication that your app is being recorded.


Pause test while it's running

Click on the "Pause" button to pause the step.
When you Pause on a step, you can later Resume from that point:


Stop test while it's running

Click on the "Stop" button. Once you clicked, you'll have to play the test from its beginning.


Run Step by Step

Click the drop down button next to the Play button and select Run locally step by step, then click Play Current Step button or use the keyboard shortcut (F10) to execute the current action:


Insert a Breakpoint

Breakpoint lets you pause the test at a specific step (before it runs).
Hover on an arrow between some two steps to insert the breakpoint.


Tip: You can add breakpoint by using a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + B).

Run from a specific step

When editing a test or trying to reproduce a slippery scenario, you can start to run from a specific place between steps - No need to run all the test from the top if you don't need to, click on "Run From Here":