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Shared configuration

Use the same test configuration in multiple/all tests

In case you want to use the same configuration (i.e. same screen resolution) in all your tests, you can create a shared configuration.

Create a shared configuration

  1. Navigate to "Runs" page.
  2. Click on "Configuration list"
  3. Click on "Create new"

See this doc for more details about step delay and step timeout

Create a shared configuration within a test

1.All you need to do in order to create a shared configuration, is to select the setup step of a certain test, open its properties panel, and click on the edit configuration icon

  1. Now set the values as you wish, and make sure to change the name of the configuration:
  1. Save your test!

Note : this is exactly the same as adding a configuration from the runs page.

Apply the shared configuration to a list of tests
Go back to the test list, and select the tests you want to apply the new configuration on (you can use the "select all" checkbox to apply it on all you tests), click on the configuration icon, and select the desired config:

Apply the shared configuration to a suite run

Look for "Test config" in this doc.

Updated 6 months ago

Shared configuration

Use the same test configuration in multiple/all tests

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