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TestRail integration

Show Tests run results in your TestRail project

TestRail integration allows you to link a test in TestRail to a test in Testim. The test run results will automatically be shown in TestRails giving you full visibility to both your manual test results as well as your automated tests in a single view.

Setting TestRail integration

This process is required only once.

  1. Navigate to "Settings", and then to "Integration" tab.
  2. Click "login" to TestRail link.
  3. Open TestRail, copy the domain from the URL (make sure you are logged in) and paste it into the URL field.
  4. Enter your TestRail username.
  5. Log into TestRail  as Admin user, navigate to "My Settings" and then to "API Keys" tab. Click "Generate Key", enter any key name, copy the generated string and click "Save settings". Paste this key into the ApiKey field.
  1. Click "Connect"

  2. Choose the TestRail project to connect to.

Connecting a test in Testim to a TestRail test

Open the test you would like to connect to a TestRail test. In the setup steps' properties panel, choose the TestRail test to connect to and save the test. After running the test, the result will be presented in the relevant TestRail project  under the "Test run and results" tab.


  1. Testim runs names will always follow this convention :
    "Report from Testim.io -  Suite\Test name"
  2. Only remote runs results will be shown in TestRail (local runs will not be shown).
  3. Suite runs will be presented as one run in TestRail, click the certain run in order to see the results of all tests in the suite.

Updated 7 months ago

TestRail integration

Show Tests run results in your TestRail project

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