Testim Extension - Overview


Why do you need Testim extension?

Testim uses Smart Locators for the authoring and execution of tests. Through our extension, we scan the entire DOM, extract its elements and score their attributes. This means that the extension is an essential component to gain access to the DOM and is required for authoring new tests on the Testim Visual Editor.

Additional Testim Extension Functionality

The extension itself can be used to perform the following:

  • Capture Screenshot - captures a screenshot of a web page, allows adding annotations (e.g. arrows, texts, etc.), and allows sending it as a bug/issue to your bug tracking system.
  • Capture Video & Bug Scenario - captures a video screen recording of the process, creates screenshots for each step, and allows sending it as a bug/issue to your bug tracking system.
  • Create Automated Test - creates a new test in Testim Visual Editor with the current web page as the Base URL.
  • Open Testim - opens the Testim Visual Editor.

Security disclaimer

Testim extension does not track user browsing outside the application and does not collect private information such as IP address and passwords. We do not alter source code. Any communication between our client and our servers is performed through a secure connection. We conform to Chrome's guidelines for extensions.

Downloading the Testim Extension

To download the Testim Extension – click here.