Explore all your options for using parameters

Parameters are variables that can be used to pass information into a test step, a test or a Suite of tests. Parameters can be used to test different scenarios without knowing the information ahead of time. The parameters can be defined in different ways and each method offers a different scope, where the parameters are available and can be used.

How to define and use parameters

How to export parameters

  • Export (out) parameters - A value which was generated inside a step, can be used later in other steps, either in the same test, or tests depended on this test (see Test Plan).


Since parameters are serialized between steps as JSON - only values that may be serialized as JSON may be safely used**.


After running a test, the incoming parameters, and the ones exported in a step appear in its properties panel.

How to hide parameters

Sometimes the information in a parameter may be sensitive. In this can you can hide the value of the parameter by following the instructions in the Hidden parameters doc.