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Welcome to the Testim documentation. You'll find comprehensive guides to help you get started quickly, example code snippets, and tips for being more productive. You will also find details about advanced features that allow you to customize Testim to fit your environment or special testing conditions. Don't worry, we'll support you if you get stuck. Let's jump right in!

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CI integrations

How it works

In order to integrate your tests with your CI, we built our Testim CLI. It is easily installed using npm, and using it you can integrate it to all the major CI's out there that can run a simple shell command.

See all your test suites runs

Easily track which builds passed or failed and open the relevant test result with one click to better understand why it failed.
We also added charts to give you overall look at your test results history, which you can also filter according to the relevant time-span:

Have all the data in your CI as well

We return the result in the standard JUnitXmlReport, and that way you can use all the existing reports and dashboards you already use.

Start now!

Start by getting the CLI with your parameters from the settings page:

See our list of guides about integration to a specific CI:

Updated about a year ago

CI integrations

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