Generate random data with JS

Learn how to assign random data (user name, password, email etc.) to text fields dynamically

Any step in Testim can be parameterized. This means that a set-text step can not only have a value of the literal (e.g. "[email protected]", "passw0rd!") which was recorded but any JS expression.


How to assign Random Data to a step?

Just replace the recorded value with JS expressions. Here are few examples:
Random email


Random password


More random values

You can also assign variables if you defined them as parameters:

myVar + "sdf"

Tip: Consider using variables when you need to use the same random string several times (e.g. validate that the random email is later shown on a different page).Creating variables in a test (e.g. "myVar") is done by:

  • Passing params to a shared step (group/custom-js)
  • Exporting a value from the custom JS step into the containing group, e.g. add exports.myVar = "testim"; to your JS step.This will create the variable named "myVar" in the scope of the parent (containing) group. You can see an example in the export parameters doc (follow this link and search for exports.bestTestingTool = "Testim").

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