Shared Steps

Shared Steps are steps that are shared between multiple tests within a certain Project. Some of the step types are shared steps by default (i.e. you will not need to configure them as shared steps). The shared steps will be available for other users creating other tests.
The following tables list which predefined steps are shareable without the need to group them with other steps:


Add custom validationYesAdd custom validations and actions
Add CLI validationYesAdding a CLI step
Validate downloadYesAdding a Validate download validation step
Validate emailYesValidate email
Validate element visibleNoValidate element visible
Validate element not visibleNoValidate element not visible
Validate element textNoValidate element text
Validate CSS propertyNoValidate CSS property
Validate HTML attributeNoValidate HTML attribute
Validate checkboxNoValidate checkbox/radio button
Validate radio buttonNoValidate checkbox/radio button
Validate APIYesAPI Validation
Validate element visualizationNoAdding a Validate element visualization step
Validate viewport visualizationNoAdding a Validate viewport visualization or Validate full-page visualization step
Validate full-page visualizationNoAdding a Validate viewport visualization or Validate full-page visualization step
Validate page accessibilityNoPage Accessibility Validation
Validate element accessibilityNoElement Accessibility Validation
Add network validationYesAdd network validation

Wait for

Wait ForShareable?Documentation
Add custom wait forYesCustom Wait for
Add CLI wait forYesAdding a CLI step
Wait for element visibleNoWait for element visible
Wait for element not visibleNoWait for element not visible
Wait for element textNoWait for element text
Wait for downloadYesTBD
Wait for element visualizationNoAdding a Wait for element visualization step


Add hover actionNoHover step
Add extract value stepNoExtract value step
Generate email addressNoGenerating a temporary email address
Set CookieNoSetting Cookies
Get CookieNoGetting Cookies
Add navigation actionNoNavigation
Add custom actionYesAdd custom validations and actions
Add CLI actionYesAdding a CLI step
Add API actionYesAPI Action
RefreshNoRefresh page
Generate random valueNoGenerating a random value
Generate dateNoGenerating a Date

Reusing a Shared Step

When creating a test, you can access the list of previously created shared steps.
To add a shared step:

  1. Hover over the (arrow symbol) where you want to add the step.
    The action options are displayed.
  2. Click on the "M" (Testim predefined steps).
    The Predefined steps menu opens.
  3. Click on the Shared Steps tab.
    The list of steps is displayed.
  4. Click on a desired shared step to add it to the test.
  5. Click the Properties () icon to modify its properties.