TestOps - Management

The management features help find the tests faster, reduce switching costs, improves productivity, and help understand which tests are trusted and CI-ready, and which are temperamental, all while helping balance workload and preventing overlap.

  • Test library - In addition to suites and labels, leaders can organize tests in folders by user type, feature, and more, helping to improve coordination.
  • Shared Steps Library - Reusable, shared steps, and groups have a new library, providing quick access in the visual editor to facilitate reuse and improve test architecture.
  • Test Status - Set a test status to reflect how it’s treated by the team and the CI server, for instance, quarantine flaky tests. It helps build trust that tests are accurate when they run in the CI.
  • Test Owner - Assign test ownership to yourself or a team member to prevent duplication of effort, distribute workload, or show responsibility.