Scheduler’s notification via webhook

Allow getting the scheduler’s results via webhook

The Scheduler’s notification via webhook feature provides users the ability to add a URL as a webhook in the preference option for their scheduled runs notifications. Under the Notification section, there is a setting for when to trigger a notification (e.g., "On every failure") and the method by which the notification will be sent. One of these methods is a webhook. Outside Testim, the webhook maybe used to trigger a process, such as some form of reporting, etc.

For more information about scheduled runs, see Scheduler.

Configuring the Scheduler Webhook Settings

To configure the scheduler webhook settings:

  1. In the main navigation, click the Runs icon.
  1. Click Scheduled Runs to open the Scheduled Runs tab.

The Scheduler List page is shown.

  1. Click on the scheduler for which you would like to set a webhook.
    The Edit Schedule Runs window opens.
  1. Scroll down to the Preference section and click Webhook.
  1. Enter a valid URL in the Webhook field that is shown. This is the URL where Testim will POST the run result.
  1. Click Save.