Connecting Testim to Jira

Testim creates a new Bug ticket, which includes a detailed description of the bug, including the steps to reproduce the bug, screen resolution and browser, and a screenshot of the bug. The screenshot below shows an example of a Bug Ticket that was opened, including the description, screenshot, etc. For more information, see Bug Reporting.

To connect Testim to Jira you will have to first login to Jira. Once the initial handshake is established you will be able to create issues to Jira without configuring the connection again.
To Connect Testim to Jira:

  1. Go to Settings > Bug Tracker.
  2. Make sure Jira is selected and you are already logged-in to Jira.
  3. In the Host field, enter the URL of your Jira site. For example,

If you are not logged in, click the Log in link and log in to Jira.

  1. Click Select.
    The Select button will be replaced by Selected.