Dynamic Scroll for Lazy Loading

You can now configure Testim to dynamically scroll the page to enable objects further down the page to load.

Tricentis qTest integration

Testim now integrates with qTest to provide visibility into Testim test results from the qTest console. Drill down for details within Testim.

Azure AD integration for SSO

Sign-in with Azure SSO is now available to simplify user provisioning and de-provisioning. It also helps users leverage their existing Azure SSO credentials to login to their Testim account.


CLI improvements

We've added two new capabilities to the CLI so you can get information programmatically from Testim.

Pull Request Enhancements

You can now add comments to PRs, require reviewers for branches other than master, and set other branches as read-only.


Applitools Integration Enhancements

Improved integration with Applitools Eyes and Ultrafast test cloud simplifies the user experience and adds more Applitools capabilities from the Testim UI.


API Step Enhancements

It's now easier to validate API responses and get data for your test.

Locator Auto-Improve

Element locators now auto-improve if they fall below the confidence threshold.


Accessibility step sharable

You can now share accessibility steps with other tests.

Turbo mode

Run your tests faster in turbo mode. We'll still collect test artifacts if the test fails.